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Художник-иллюстратор детской и учебной литературы. Живет в Южной Корее на острове Чеджу. Выросла и училась в Санкт Петербурге.

Nika Tchaikovskaya aka Nika Chaikoffsky aka Nika Chaykovskaya aka Nika Chaikovsksaia does not know how to write her name in English. The tremendous shame for hers is a very famous and beautiful name, which she proudly shares with a great Russian composer Pyotr Iliytch Tchaikovski. Nika has been an artist for over 40 years and has been drawing since she was a year old. She has illustrated a lot of children’s books and educational materials for both adults and kids. She lives and works in South Korea on the Island of Jeju. But her home town is St. Petersburg, Russia.  


by S. A. Marshak

"Puppet theater" 

by Berestov

Sam's birthday

"Tom Sawyer"

by Mark Twain

The strongest of all

Gift of the Magi

Going through Customs

Dogs and Cats

Five days in Italy

Book cover design

for educational and research books, novels and fiction literature

Johnny Cake story book

Old Wise Woman story book

Other illustrations


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